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15 1/2" Nose 21" Wide 16" Tail (to 7 1/2 at the swallow) 2 1/2 Thick

The Bing Quad is the natural progression from the twin-fin fish. Drawing on 15 years' shortboard shaping experience, Matt Calvani has developed a quad-fin fish that is fast like a twin-fin but maintains control like a modern thruster, while giving you almost as much looseness and manoeuverability as a modern day shortboard. Where the twin-fin may not handle wave size and power as well, the Bing Quad excels in these conditions. This board is built with a double-wing swallow tail with a shorter board and wider outline and should be ridden 2” longer than the twin-fin fish. Currently, Bing offers this model with Rainbow fins, Future fins, Canard fins, or ProBox fiberglass quad fins. This one comes with stunning bamboo glass ones.


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