SOLD 9'10 Jacobs Mike Purpus Model SOLD.


The newest addition to the curent Jacobs line, this late 60's classic was discovered by a surfboard collector and is often considered a next generation to the original Bing Noserider. The board was ridden and praised by several professional longboarders as one of the best noseriders ever to be shaped. IN '67, Hap finally granted young ripper Mike Purpus a model of his own after he won the Oceanside contest. The board was originally designed at a time when noseriding became less of a focus and turning became more important, making it a more maneuverable surfboard that still allows plenty of tip-time. With a defined concave similar to noseriders of the time combined with a more refined rail and tail rocker, the Mike Purpus model has an outline that is more conducive to turning and noseriding, rather than just one.

The Mike Purpus model is traditionally glassed with color opaque resin or a resin tint. Upon special request the famous Jacobs team dot can be added.

9'10 x 18 1/4 nose x 22 7/8 mid x 16 tail x 3 1/8 thick 

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