SOLD 9'6 Bing Noserider LW (volan edition) SOLD

A new and improved version, the BN Lightweight (short for "Bing Noserider Lightweight") is slightly wider and thinner than it's predecessor giving this model more glide and maneuverability. While incorporating the same fundamentals of the Original Noserider, this version comes with the classic original noserider 5-stringer t-band (1/8” cedar, 3/8” balsa, 1⁄4 “ black foam, 3/8” balsa, 1/8” cedar), which has been wraped in Volan so its not super light but not super heavy either what i would call just right! 

The result is an overall lighter, more versatile traditional log than the original Bing noserider but with all the noseriding functionality minus the weight and trouble of a glass-on fin. Ideal for small to head high waves in any type of wave and great for the traveler who wants to bring the Original Noserider but doesn’t want the hassle.

9'6" by

19"  Nose

Width 23 1/2"

Tail 16 1/2"

Thick 2 13/16"

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