9'6 Bing Pintail.

This is a beautiful 9'6 which at first glance looks fairly standard but on closer inspection is far from it . It has an eliptical stringer which is even harder to make than it is to say ! Yellow and grey foam sandwiched between redwood stringers and carefully fitted in the centre of a blank this is one for connoiseurs of fine craftsmanship .

Bing says about the pintail :

 A single-fin surfboard first designed by Dick Brewer in the late 60s featuring the first hard edge along the tail and a softer more traditional rail forward from the tail, the Pintail Lightweight is an extremely functional traditional board for medium to larger waves while maintaining enough nose width for manoueverability and noseriding. This board is glassed lighter (6+6oz deck, 6oz bottom) for increased manoueverability, staying true to its “Lightweight” name.  

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