9'6 Jim Phillips Pig

9'6 Jim Phillips Pig

For any one that doesn't know , in the industry Jim is known as ' The Genius ' . Once you've seen and ridden his boards you will understand . Jim's boards just plain WORK and will make you look a better surfer than you are . His subtleties are sublime and the pig is no exception . At first glance you could be forgiven for not noticing the tapered redwood stringer or the handmade , by Jim , glass on skeg . Once you pick it up and feel the hips back of centre for whippy turns and the narrow nose for endless fast pocket noserides you will fall in love . Steel grey bottom tint and blue deck tint , the pictures don't do her justice . This board will appeal to all . If your new to pigs Jim's will ease you in gently with his refinments but if your a pig officionado then this will blow your mind how easy she handles a bit of juice . Fall into waves effortlessly , never catch the nose and speed up down the line climbing and dropping as you do so .  Once out on the shoulder pull a big cutback into the pocket and repeat or climb high for awalk to the nose .

I'm going for a surf now ................

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