SOLD 9'6 Jacobs Trad Noserider Resin Gloss Bands Volan (logo less series) SOLD


9'6 by 18 3/4" at the nose 22 7/8 in the middle and 15 1/4 at the tail. At its thickest it's 3 3/16"

If you are after a super fun, easy paddling glide machine then look no further! This board will bring a gigantic grin to your face and make your toes happier than a champagne pedicure at Champneys!

This is my go-to board when I want to look better than I actually am!

Jacob’s most popular board, the Traditional Noserider was designed to be a smooth-turning, all-round surfboard built for stability and glide. The low-rocker, blended concave nose, tail and nose kick, 50/50 rails, and single-fin box create a board that is easy to turn and glide and noseride. This board performs well in small to medium sized waves and at all types of surf breaks.

You can't get classier than this. The resin gloss bands are soooo classic and the history behind the logo-less diamond is great, but I won't bore you now with the details.

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