7'0 Bing Karma Coke bottle blue tint with green resin stripes SOLD


Nose 16 1/4"   Width 21 1/8"   Tail 15"  Thick 2 3/4"

A transitional Bing shape from the late 1960s, this is no ordinary run of the mill egg! Similar to the Bing Pintail, this board has a hard rail in the tail, with soft rails forward from the tail that gives it a retro mid-length feel appropriate in medium to large waves.

Eggs often wrongly get overlooked; they make a great addition to any quiver as you can ride them hard and fast or take it mellow and cruise. At this size, the karma also makes a great travel board as it's a lot easier to squeeze one of these into your standard cheap and cheerful airline than a classic log and will also fit into the Fiat Panda hire cars in the Canaries! Oh and Portugese taxis... that was an interesting/fun trip!

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