SOLD 9'8 Weber Perfomer SOLD


9'8 Weber Performer – triple cedar stringers, volan glass plus deck patch glass on hatchet fin.

THE PERFORMER. What can I say? The Performer is the most popular longboard of all time and as the name suggests it PERFOMS! Hand-shaped in San Clemente Southern California using Dewey’s original 1967 template to make an exact replica of the proven design. Dewey designed this board to meet the needs of every surfer in all surf conditions. So from pro to pro in the making, this board will provide with all the glide, trim and nose time you could wish for. It’s easy to paddle and catch waves on and it turns on a dime; plus it's one world’s best noserider and what many noseriders are based on. With its refined rail line and bottom rocker and a generous helping of Californian soul, it WILL enhance your riding experience!

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