9'8 Andreini Pig

This board is BEE-YUTE-I-FUL! Marc Andreini has come up trumps AGAIN.

Some people say I have one of the best jobs in the world... I would have to agree, being surrounded by beautiful boards and surfing (not as much as I would like) creations by some of the world's finest shapers is far from pants.

BUT every now and then a board like this comes along that just plays with my head and when it comes to trying to describe it, I find myself rambling like a mad man (case in point).

I have to say I haven't ridden this board in anything exceptional (I had to give it back kicking and screaming) but even so, it had that feeling of comforting joy like that first sip of a pint of Guinness, but I ride one of his hulls and I'm obsessed with it, I even took it on honeymoon with me!

And it's not just me that feels similarly towards Mr Andreini. 

Mike Black from Invasion from Planet C and Jazz the Glass fame, author of the Surf a Pig blog has this to say: http://surfapig.blogspot.com/2010/05/marc-andreini-pig-discussions.html. Now I've linked to Mike's site before, but for those doubters who think these boards won't work over here, check out Mr Rook's findings.


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