SOLD 9'10 Bing NR2 SOLD

SOLD  9'10 by 18 1/2" at the nose 23 1/4 in the middle and 16 1/4 at the tail. At its thickest it's 3 3/16"

The NR2, where do I begin.... this is a lively, reliable beast that is most often seen around the North Cornwall and Devon coastlines with people seemingly glued to its nose whilst it skips along the wave. Preferred by the majority of Bing team riders over here as a go-to board, it's one that won't let you down.

The NR2 is one of the most popular boards in the Bing and Trim line up. It's an outstanding noserider that isn't as sluggish as most and works REALLY well over here. If you're a beginner or an intermediate who wants to learn to cross step and pivot turn then look no further!

If you're a pro who wants to noseride for England (or Scotland or Wales or Ireland) and wants a board that can be pushed and will push you, then again look no futher.

This one is a dark grass green tint and a chocolate resin tint band. That may sound odd but it looks rad, would the Bing crew make anything that wasn't?!

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