9'8 Micha Wood Greaser

1" balsa Stringer Black gloss cigar band Volan glass Job and hand foiled fin - this is a peach of a board.

9'8 x 23 1/4" x 3" Nose 17 3/8 tail 16 3/8

The Greaser is a tribute to the classic pig shape that was started by Dale Velzy back in 1953. I used the pig shape idea and came up with my own template, "Greaser". The Greaser still has the old ideas of a pig shape, but with a modern twist.

50/50 rails from nose to tail. Belly, along with a decent amount of rocker in the tail provides for easier turning to compensate for the old school D fin, that I designed myself of course. The belly in the tail blends into flat up towards the nose. The Greaser turns a bit more easily and is more controllable than the usual classic pig shape. So if you are looking for that unique vintage feel, but with a little bit more control, then I highly recommend the Greaser.

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