7'0 Andreini Vaquero clear volan SOLD


Marc makes some really fine surfboards - really, really fine surfboards, and it's hard to pick one model that stands out amongst the rest. His hulls, however, have been known to cause unusual stirrings in the sanest of men.

Hulls are a Marmite kinda thing - you either love or hate them; you get what all the fuss is about, or don't. However, out of the 11 people that have ridden mine, there are only two that now don't own one. One of those two has one on order - the other one, well, where do I begin!

If you're after a board that will make you feel connected to the wave, will raise a smile when you paddle her out and offer an surreal amount of speed, then this is the board for you.

There are hulls and there are hulls - and I've been blessed to have ridden a few, but the Andreini stands out as one that really works over here. It's a very versatile little number.

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