9'8 Bing Gold Standard Triple Stringer Navy blue glitter tint + deck patch

Nose 18 1/2"  Width 23 1/4"   Tail 15 1/2"   Thick 3 3/16"

The Gold Standard has the nose of the Bing original noserider with a modified Silver Spoon tail, allowing lift for tip riding and manoeuvrability in turning. Featuring 50/50 rails and a step tail with a more pulled-in diamond-shaped outline that allows for smoother arching turns, this board will provide drive off of the tail and stability on the nose. The combination of the two board designs gives this model the unique ability to turn and noseride as well as the classic noserider; the perfect evolution of the noserider.

A great Saunton board with a sensible amount of concave that doesn't act like a parachute and cause drag, yet enough to give your toes plenty of tip time. A very paddle friendly rocker so you can make it out back in a doddle and will get into waves faster than you can say bunch of munchy crunchy carrots (yep the kids love Octonauts as much as me) plus value in all the right places.

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